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Winter 2019 Special

AVP Law created a virtual estate planning system to better serve the people who live outside the Upstate of South Carolina. We are based in Greenville, SC but gladly serve all the people of South Carolina remotely.

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*The Virtual Estate Planning Service is only available to those who live outside of Greenville, SC and its surrounding areas. Please book a free consultation at our Greenville office if you are nearby. 

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Simple Streamlined Service

First, fill out an online form and our state of the art web software will generate the desired documents. Next, schedule a phone review with a local licensed attorney. Lastly, receive your custom estate planning documents. 

The Process

Simple Process, Professional Results

Fill Out Online Form

First, create an account at the software web page (located below), or click here to go to the page. *Choose the Attorney Reviewed option.

Next, confirm your email from the setup email sent from the software.

Lastly, log into your new account and follow the directions to answer all the estate planning questions.

Schedule an Attorney Phone Review

Schedule a phone review with a licensed attorney here.

Pay the invoice before the scheduled phone review. The online invoice will be sent after the phone review is scheduled. Or you can pay at the bottom of this page. 

The attorney will review the information and the estate documents prior to the call. During the call the attorney will answer any questions and verify information, including your desired outcomes.

Receive Final Documents

The attorney will make any necessary changes and forward the final documents to your email for review.

Lastly, AVP Law will email you the final drafts. You will then print and execute the documents by following the directions in the guide documentation that will be emailed. 

Documents Included

(Will Package Plan Shown)

Last Will and Testament

Nomination of Guardian for Minor Children

Power of Attorney

Health Care Power of Attorney

HIPAA Waiver

Burial Wishes

Tangible Personal Property Memorandum

Execution & Guide Information


Flat Fee. No Unpredictable Billing.

Please register first then pay. You will receive the applicable above-mentioned documents, and an attorney review. The payment is deemed earned when paid and will not be held in a trust account. You have the right to terminate our relationship and discharge us; and you may be entitled to a refund of all or a portion of the fee if the agreed-upon legal services are not provided. Please register first for the complete terms of the agreement.


Attorney Reviewed
Will Package

For Married Couple

Includes all of the above documents, attorney review, and more.


Attorney Reviewed
Will Package

For Single Individual

Includes all of the above documents, attorney review, and more.


Attorney Reviewed
Trust Package

For Married Couple

Includes everything in the Will Package, plus a Living Trust and funding instructions.


Attorney Reviewed
Trust Package

For Single Individual

Includes everything in the Will Package, plus a Living Trust and funding instructions.

Attorney Reviewed

 & Other Options

There are other options on the Virtual Planning signup page. More Pricing is available there. The current promotional price may not show; don't worry we will send an invoice for the correct amount (or you can pay through the PayPal checkout buttons on this page). 

Attorney Reviewed means that a local licensed Attorney will review the documents and make any necessary changes. 

Attorney Prepared means that a local licensed Attorney will review and directly prepare the documents. This option is more expensive but offers more Attorney oversight and advisement. 

Self Prepared means that the software will provide your documents without further review. You will solely be responsible for any mistakes, including a lack of understanding of the law. This option is generally not recommended. 

Attorney Reviewed is generally recommended as it provides the best value.


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