About the Firm

AVP Law Ltd. Co. was created to provide exceptional legal services at an affordable price. We offer flat fees on most of our services. Say goodbye to unpredictable hourly billing when you choose AVP Law. 

At AVP Law we are dedicated to preparing you and your family for the ups and downs of life and whatever the future may hold. AVP stands for the latin phrase "ad vitam paramus," which means "we are preparing for life." 

Our mission is to provide legal services and counsel for those who need a plan for their future. We do this through efficient and quality service with a mindset bent towards compassion and truly caring for everyone that we help. We strive to think outside the box when faced with difficult circumstances by developing creative solutions to solve our clients’ issues.

Our vision is to see that every person has a contingency plan for those things that they cannot plan and to help people have peace of mind about whatever life may hold through estate planning, business planning, immigration, and adoption.