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Dylan Lingerfelt

Attorney, Co-Founder

I attended Liberty University for my undergraduate degree where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in International Business and a Minor in Western Legal Traditions. After graduating in May 2014, I got married 2 weeks later to my beautiful bride, Brittany, who I met at Liberty during my sophomore year. During my time in undergrad, I decided to go to law school because of my passion to help others. I initially went to law school because of my desire to venture into the world of adoption. I have seen the life giving power and joy that adoption can have for any family that has a desire to pursue that decision. I went straight into law school at Liberty University School of Law in the fall of 2014 and graduated in May 2017.

I have traveled all over the world and have learned that I have a passion for other cultures. That passion developed my aspiration to learn more about immigration and how I can help those who travel and live in other places. I want to help people travel to and from the United States with as little hindrance as possible, whether that be traveling for pleasure or to reunite someone with their family.

After passing the bar exam, I took my first job as an attorney at a local law firm where I worked for a year to gain some experience before deciding to start AVP Law Ltd. Co. with William Quirion. Will and I knew each other in undergrad, but it wasn’t until law school when we became good friends. We have studied and worked together for over 3 years now through law school’s strenuous demands and starting this firm. I am passionate about helping people in any way that I can, and I cannot wait to see any new faces that may come through our doorway. 

Dylan was instrumental in implementing the vison and success of AVP Law. After over three years with AVP Law Dylan has moved on to focus on the next stage of his career.  He is now an Attorney specializing in immigration law at Colón Law Firm in Greer.

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