William Quirion


I was born and raised in a small Maine town but have spent a number of years attending school and working in the south. 

I attended Liberty University for my undergraduate degree where I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with focuses in financial planning and economics with magna cum laude distinction. After graduating in December 2013, I worked for a small financial advising firm in my home state of Maine.

During my time in undergrad, I decided to go to law school because of my passion to learn and a desire to solve complex legal issues in the fields of Estate Planning and Financial Planning. I attended Liberty University School of Law in the fall of 2014 and graduated in May 2017.

During my work as a financial advisor, as an attorney, and throughout life in general, I have seen many unfortunate estate and business planning mistakes or simply suboptimal planning. From small businesses failing because of a lack of a proper succession plan to dramatic and expensive estate battles because of poor planning, it never ceases to amaze me how proper planning can make such a difference. I have a strong passion to help people and businesses best plan for their future.

After passing the bar exam, I worked for a firm in Maine for a year and a half before deciding to start AVP Law with Dylan Lingerfelt. Dylan and I became good friends during our three years in law school. I have never met a more intelligent and pleasant person to work with. Though Dylan has moved on from AVP Law, we remain close friends.   


While starting AVP Law, I found the love of my life in Greenville. We got married in 2022. Julia was, at the time, an Orthopedic Surgery Resident in Greenville. She now is an Orthopedic Oncology Fellow at Vanderbilt, in Nashville, TN. Which is where we are living until August 2023. Then Julia will do another Fellowship in New Zealand for 6 months starting in 2024.  We love the outdoors and so does our German Shepeard/Belgian malinois dog, Hazel. We are excited to explore the world and enjoy our time abroad.

I have been working for AVP Law remotely wile periodically returning to Greenville to meet with clients. I will continue to do this until AVP Law completes its transition to a fully virtual law firm.   

I have over 5 years of experience as an Attorney. I am licensed to practice law in South Carolina and Maine. Additionally, I hold a Certified Financial Planner designation (CFP®).